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How To Re-Awaken Your Dreams

As we get closer to this holiday season, if you are like me, you may wish those days would just skip over us all together. Our family was shocked when my dad unexpectedly passed away on Christmas Eve in 2000. My parents had just returned home from a candlelight service at their church, and as my mom was making a snack for them before bed, my dad went to Heaven while sitting in his chair.

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Needless to say, that event has had an opportunity to dampen the holiday season for me every year. But like so many people who have faced these kinds of events around this season, a choice has to be made to not let the past dictate my future . As you read these words adapted from a chapter in my book Night's Corridor, you will find how to hold on to hope and let your faith soar for coming days.

Also, consider giving Night's Corridor as a gift this year for anyone in your life who needs hope and encouragement. I wrote this book for literally anyone, and it has received fantastic reviews from non-Christian readers. Anyone you know will be encouraged as they read this book designed to lift the heart and spirit by understanding what God is saying to them through their dreams.

Opposition always arises for those who have a dream. Some opposition can be very painful, so much so that people shut down their dreams. Other opposition to dreams can come in the form of distractions, busyness, opinions from others, or personal belief systems that are misguided. So many people get caught up in a mess and then jump through all kinds of hoops to find the truth they need to guide their life, when all along the truth is being communicated as they sleep.

No matter your past, you have a chance to dream again and really live

as you we're created. I'd like for you to think of a dream you had while growing up or in your past that falls into one of these categories:

The same dream recurring more than once.

Different dreams that have a similar theme.

Dreams that are so vivid you feel like you were


Now let's look at three steps to re-awaken your dreams: Remember, Re-awaken

your heart, and Respond.

Step 1: Remember

From birth, everyone has something they've been wired or designed to do. Dreams remind and re-awaken us. We're going to go back to your starting place. What took you off course? What got you moving in a direction that was not designed for you? It's never too late to get back on track.

Take a few minutes to record your responses to these questions:

Write down a dream you had while growing up. What was the main content of this dream?

What we're you the most excited about after having the dream?

When did this dream stop?

Continue to answer the questions below, but also think about any nightmares you had, or even dreams that left you with a negative feeling.

What was going on in your life at that time?

What we're these dreams possibly trying to shut down in your life?

How does this dream connect to what's happening in your life right now?

What would it take to turn this dream into something extraordinary for you as an adult?

Step 2: Re-awaken Your Heart

Sometimes we shut down parts of our hearts during a crisis or in response to pain just so we can cope and survive. However, this is not a good long-term strategy for happiness and success. To begin the process of re-awakening your heart, I recommend the following:

Let Yourself Dream Again

You are given dreams for a reason, so shutting them down robs you from experiences and information you we're meant to have. Remembering your past dreams will help to re-awaken your heart, but you also have to give yourself permission to dream again. Maybe you just need to believe that your dreams are legitimate. Well, they are, and you don't need anyone's approval to dream or walk out your dreams. The Spirit of Truth who gives dreams is all the approval you need.

You can't always control what comes at you from the outside to hinder your dreams. But you can do something about what you believe on the inside. If you have shut down your dreams in any way, give yourself permission to dream again. This can be as simple as saying to yourself and to God, "I want to dream again."

Forgive, Let Go, and Heal

Maybe you've heard the statement, "Hurting people hurt people." When people hurt each other, the pain is often excruciating and can act like a bridge that is blown up on our life's path, creating a massive hindrance to advancing into a good future.

Let's face it. You can either be pitiful or powerful, but you can't be both. Healing will come as you forgive and let go of the residue of hurt (bitterness, anger, resentment, grief, etc.). Whether you are ever able to restore what has been lost, forgive and let go for your sake so that you can have a whole heart and not be held back from your dreams. The future is in front of you with vast open fields of opportunity and accomplishments that await you.

Take a few minutes and tell God, "I turn over these hurts to You (be specific about them if you can). I ask that You would make these things right. I am choosing to forgive and let go of ___. Heal my heart and awaken it again to the dreams You give to me."

Stay Encouraged You're Not Alone

Life tries us and can be wearisome. Most want to escape the process. Ways to overcome are often narrow and restricted by pressure. But narrow pathways cause us to drop the baggage we just don't need in the places we are headed. So as you are going through it, do not become discouraged or consider it strange when you face difficulty. It's a part of the journey. Dreams from God are promises and an invitation to partner with Him.

If you are going to reach your destiny, you also need others who will remind you of the future and hope that is set before you. They will need for you to do that for them too, especially since there is so much coming at all of us that is in opposition to the truth. We must come alongside of each other and continually call people to a reality of the truth about themselves, their connection to God, and God's future for them.

Step 3: Respond

There are a few practical things you can do to re-awaken your dreams.

Make Your Dreams A Priority

The Raramuri people of Northern Mexico make their sleeping arrangements so that they can wake during the night to discuss their dreams with one another. I'm not suggesting that you need to change your bedroom around, but there are a few things that you can do to make your dreams a priority:

Before you go to bed, ask the Spirit of Truth to guide you into all truth through a dream. As the saying goes, "Ask and you shall receive." And if you don't receive right away, keep on asking!

When you wake up, lie in bed peacefully for a minute or two without starting to think about the day. I mentioned in the first chapter, of my book, that typically within five minutes of waking up, you've forgotten half of your dream. Within ten minutes, 90 percent is gone. So taking a few moments of reflection after a night's sleep will go a long way to helping you remember your dreams.

Keep a dream journal or notebook next to your bed. If you wake up in the middle of the night and remember a dream you just had, write it down. When you wake up in the morning, writedown any dreams you remember. If you're in the shower and remember a dream you had, write it down. The key?Capture the moment you remember your dreams and write them down as soon as you can.

Listen to the Message

Recently I had a television interview on a major news station where the reporter did not believe dreams we're real or for today. It's really too bad. I felt sorry for her. Here she dreams every night, as does every viewer, yet she was discounting the reality and importance of messages we receive during our sleeping hours through our dreams.

On a recent radio interview call-in program, the phone lines lit up and emails came pouring in as we asked listeners to give us their dreams for interpretation. People are very hungry to know what messages are being spoken to them while they sleep. But it's hard to listen to something you don't believe in. The scientifically proven facts are in: You dream every night. So believe and listen. You'll be glad you did.

Do Something with the Message

Throughout this book Night's Corridor, I've given a number of recommendations about what to do with certain dreams. For example, if you have a dream about your teeth falling out, get the facts and take a deeper look at the situation before acting. If you have a falling dream, consider if you're a person who just needs to be in control all the time. Maybe the chaos is bringing about positive change for a new kind of order in your life. Or maybe you need to take some strategic action to set things in order.

Be cautious that you do not act impulsively on information you may receive in a dream. Some dreams come to a person simply for contemplation or prayer and nothing else. But regardless of your dream, use it for your good. Explore the possibilities and make the most of the information you've been given.

Go to the Spirit of Truth to Get the Truth

In chapter 3, I gave you Seven Guides for Interpretation. The last one was to connect the dream with the Giver of the dream. Connecting with the Giver of Life, the One who made you, will cause the lights to go on in your heart, and your life will begin to make sense. Dreams can speak right to your spirit and cause you to awaken spiritually.

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