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The Tribulation Age Dispensation Has Begun

YESHUA cannot be identified directly with the church age since He must be identified with the Millennial Reign (8th). That's why Paul has been entered. He defined the logistics of the church age specifically.

The Woman of Revelation 12 is the spokesperson for the Tribulation period.

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The Chinese Zodiac Animals Are The Galactic Archons

The Chinese Zodiac animals are associated with the 12 calendar months, but they match the dispensational galactic archons. Aquarius is a snake, and so is Yaldabaoth.

The Zodiac was said to have come to Buddha in a vision.

The 8th dispensation animal is either a lamb or a goat, depending on the Chinese interpretation of the animal following the horse.

Either YESHUA (the lamb) or Satan (a goat) sits on the throne.

Ashtoresh is the consort of Yaldabaoththe church age galactic archon.

Helen Of Troy As 'Helena' The Mosaic Lunar Archon

Simon Magus identified Helen of Troy as Sophia.

This was a mistake, but itcan be understood as the identification of an archon as opposed to a principality or power.

The power of the archon was bedazzling, and the lunar deity appeared as one of the most beautiful women on earth. The spell of an archon is more vast over humanity than a principality or power.

The sixth cycle Greeks invaded Troy because it was a resurgence of the fifth cycle. "Luna" the new moon, defeated"Helene" the old moon.

Chapa And The War For Domesticity

The sixth cycle Corts(Chapa) faced the fifth cycle Aztecs under Montezuma.

Chapa is a beaver spirit of domesticity.The Aztecs we're noted for their wood pilings and domestic cleanliness. Beavers also work with wood, and the home.

The Astologers Confusion

The confusion of astrologers is the nonlinear relationship between the astral planes and the three dimensional world. The astral planes intersect space-time at a 90 degree angle. As a result, "ancient Greece" or "the wonders of Mesopotamia" are only an "assemblage point shift away." They are "here-and-here."

Today's alternative cultures connect you with other time periods by means of your position within the labyrinth of Penumbra.

The labyrinth, too is diminishing as the Merlin power gains ground.

Camelot's Round Table

The 1963 LIFE article represented the first use of the term Camelot in print and is attributed with having played a major role in establishing and fixing this image of the Kennedy Administration and period in the popular mind. Mr. White Donated this 34-page file, which he called the Camelot Documents, to the Kennedy Library in December 1969.

After his assassination, John F Kennedy's presidency was referred to as Camelot. He had a practical but peaceable vision for a future society. His wife coined this term.

The round table is reflective of a heirarchically flat leadership structure.

Capitalism, Imperialism And Free Society

I had to define a title for the political structure of the new government. I could only coin "free society" but I'm sure this will change as something tangible emerges.

"Capitalism" has as it's complementary function, "charity" because both are a product of the same society.

It is far better to move into the new mode, where"charity" (feminine love) and "capitalism" (masculine purpose) are made into a singular "path with heart" where business truly equals "what you love to do." The war of the sexes has ended.

If we step back into the 5th cycle, then we can see that Imperialism was even more extreme than capitalism. "Colonialisation" and "conquest" being the dominant modes of progress.

Communism was the complementary political system. Imperialism and communism are "co-dependent modes" but capitalism and charity are functions of "independence."

In the new society, "inter-dependence" is reflective of a higher stage of cultural human maturity. We need each other, but we retain individuality; We are self-actualising, but we are not separate islands.

Barbelo and Barbas are the galactic archons of the sixth cycle.

Past Confusions

  • The Millennial Reign is the 8th period. This was a topic of confusion: I knew we we're leaving the church age, but I mistakenly assumed we had entered the Millennial Reign dispensation already.
  • The pairing of galactic archons is a new realisation. Yaldabaoth has a consort, who is Ashtoreth (Astarte).
  • The moon is the consort of the sun, mars is the consort of venus, and so on.

Heyoan And Amrita Nadi

Heyoan, the guide of Barbara Ann Brennan, sounds a little like Byron.

Byron Katie and Brandon Bays have similar sounding names. All three are new seer types. All three have energy healing modalities of the future.

Crucial Timings

We left the Millennial Reign dispensation, and entered the Tribulation dispensation on the day of writing this article; November 6th, 2014.

Social Mode Shapes

The social mode shape gains an extra dimension every time the dispensation advances.

The Triangular Mode Of The Mosaic Dispensation

The Mesopotamians built cities because they had height in addition to breadth.

They could not only build a skyscraper, but we're able to cross-reference and add complex functionality into society.

Triangulation brought roads for the Romans.

The Square Mode Of The Church Age Dispensation

The fourth dimension is called the world of sorcerers by the Toltecs.

The fourth dimension is equivalent to brane theory in Quantum Physics. Consider 3D as not only a house, but a house throughout it's whole lifetime. Now consider the fourth dimension as being a 3 dimensional space that includes each 'house throughout it's whole lifetime.' That is how the fourth dimension operates.

The implications of the fourth dimension form the basis of the Toltec practice of recapitulation: memory is located at a different position of the assemblage point. One makes an inner journey to the location of any memory, a process which makes re-living past events incredibly practical and immersive.

The internet is the world of sorcerers made tangible. Often this is imperfectly achieved. We see the astral planes in computer form. The full mapping of the labyrinth would be akin to the doomsday project where everything is cross-referenced.

Social identity labelled everyone and forced them into "self-importance" or "self-pity." It made two grand classes, rich and poor, as a giant "Stanford Prison" where the rich we're made greater than they we're supposed to be, and to look down on the poor, but the lifetime of the poor was staged. This is the ultimate "deus ex machina!" where the filling-in of the mystery of a humanis accomplished viahe is a winner, or she is a fool.

We cannot be reduced to "digital identities" by the machines, and indeed, "freeborn man" is not bought out by "the Mark Of The Beast." We are spirits.

The Pentagonal Mode Of The Tribulation Dispensation

The pentagonal mode is inclusive of the fifth dimension, which is holographic in nature.

The internet becomes adaptable and morphic, changing shape, size and context.

Social identity is less rigid and grants status without causing division and strife through class-segregation.

Tenochtitln, as Cortez was astonished to discover, was reflective of the fifth cycle.

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