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The Rippling Effect

Following four specific commandments from Romans chapter 12 will help you to create a ripple effect in your society, your family, your country, and even in your world.

Present your life to God. Verse 1 of this famous chapter implores you to give back to God what is already rightfully His: your life . He must have possession and control of us if we are going to create a positive ripple effect. We can do no good on our own, and "there is none that doeth good, no not one" (Psalms 14:3.) God didn't just save us from the penalty of sin, but also from the power of sin. Give your life to Him, and allow Him to personally give you victory over evil in your life.

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Be personally transformed. Once we recognize who we belong to and submit to His leading, we have the responsibility to allow Him to transform us. His plan is that we would grow from babes to toddlers to children to teenagers to mature believers in Christ. Babies are naturally selfish, but God wants to change us from natural to supernatural. Do you think of how you can better the lives of others or how they can help your personal agenda? The process of transformation makes us think more like Jesus Christ and less like the way we used to think, thus creating a positive ripple effect.

Join the body of Christ. As a believer you will fit somewhere into the local body of believers, the local church. This institution is very precious to the Lord, and he she'd His precious blood for it. Find your place in the body, and allow God to use you there for His glory. A body in loving unity is a great attraction to a lost and dying world! Come to worship with a purpose, and pray "God, use me as a member of your body to create a ripple effect that will eternally affect others."

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