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What's on the dashboard of your soul?

A couple months ago the dashboard on my car said "5 miles until empty". 3 times it read 0 miles to empty. Never did I completely run out of gas, but I drove with anxiety until I reached the gas station or my destination. We have one of these friendly type cars that dings when something is not right. When I reach "50 miles to empty" I hear a ding, but I had ignored it because I had places to go and people to see. During those 50 miles I probably passed at least 10 gas stations, but I was always in a rush to get to the next thing until I got to 0.

Stopping to fill up my tank, and proud of myself that I made it 3 miles past the time the dashboard read 0, I asked myself if my fuel dashboard mirrored my soul. If I had a dashboard on my soul, what would it say? Shamefully my car's dashboard mirrored my soul- "0 miles until empty". I was running on empty. I so busy driving my schedule to the max that I failed to notice the indicator lights that my soul was running on empty. You see I flew by my Bible reading, drove past time with God, failed to stop at the sabbath, and ran on mortal fumes.

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My indicator lights are pretty clear. They are clear to me and often times clear to others. I become short with others, make unwise decisions, feel bad about who I am, I ignore God, do life my way, and I stop exercising and eat junk. These are the indicators that my soul is on empty, but I often overlook them because I am driving towards the next thing. I was running on fumes and needed to get some gas, both for my car and for my soul.

A timely reminder came through three people that I needed to pay attention to the dashboard of my soul. My wife, Eugene, and Mindy all reminded me of the practices to filling up my tank. 1. Make room for the Sabbath and rest in God. Eugene said, "If we do not stop work for one day a week, then we consider ourselves far too serious or important". 2. Pray continually. In hearing Mindy speak on John 15, I was yet again reminded that I can do nothing a part from God, and that God wants relationship with us. Jesus wants a relational connection as he tells us several times to remain in him, to return to him, to come to him, to be with him. 3. Find silence and solitude to listen from God and see where he is moving. Often I am driving so fast I don't stop to notice what God is doing all around me. 4. Immerse myself in life giving relationships. Beth is great at doing this and has encouraged me to surround myself with people that make me come alive. 5. Read the Bible. Eugene said, "the Bible is not to be dissected, it is the living word". The Bible, the living word, gives life and fills my soul. 6. Spend time with my family, exercise, fish, and work. These are things that I enjoy when my soul is doing well, and that make me come alive. Often these are the things that I neglect or compromise when the dashboard of my soul reads 0.

What does the dashboard of your soul say right now?

What are indicators that your soul is on empty?

Where can you stop to get gas?

"Take my yoke upon you. Let me teach you, because I am humble and gentle at heart, and you will find rest for your souls."- Jesus

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